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Resources for System-Wide Change

Personalized learning imagines a classroom where all students receive a customized learning experience that enables them to thrive. To achieve this, the existing framework in schools must become more flexible in certain areas so that personalized learning systems can truly enhance the learning experience of all students. Federal, state, and local education leaders can work collaboratively with policymakers to eliminate barriers and design a system where personalized learning can flourish and positively impact all students, including those with disabilities.

Use existing state and federal funds to support personalized learning initiatives.

  • Districts should designate staff who can develop a deep understanding of how federal and state funds can be used to support personalized learning, and train and support other members of the school community on those topics.
  • States and the federal government should offer innovative pilots for districts to fund new systems and expand existing systems of personalized learning that fully meet the needs of students with disabilities.

Enhance teacher preparation to meet the demands of personalized learning systems.

  • Teacher preparation programs can provide candidates with additional hands-on experience with students with disabilities and help candidates gain skills in collaboration with colleagues to meet student needs.
  • Teacher preparation programs can partner with local districts to provide students with year-long residencies or student teaching programs to gain classroom experience using personalized learning in the education of students with disabilities.

Incentivize continuing education and professional development.

  • States can offer “badges” or “micro-credentialing” as a way to incentivize educators to seek higher-level training and reach more advanced competencies related to personalized learning for students with disabilities

Strategies to ensure that all students benefit from personalized learning include:

  1. Schools can ensure that students have access to appropriate accommodations for all assessments.
  2. States can develop procurement guidelines to encourage design and creation of software, hardware and technology that can serve all students.
  3. Federal policymakers can increase investments in research on personalized learning and its implications for students with disabilities.

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