PL_State Landscape_CO SpaceLab_Featured Case Study Pt 2

Through the SpaceLab project—an initiative run by CEI to build partners’ capacity to engage in design thinking—Yenne began to reimagine the way she used space, time, and resources to more effectively serve her students, including those with disabilities, and meaningfully engage them in owning their learning experiences in the school’s personalized learning environment.

CEI’s first step in its efforts to support schools was to create a space to develop a vision for education. Throughout 2012 and 2013, CEI collaborated with and convened districts like Yenne’s, the Colorado Department of Education, the business community, and other state leaders, to develop a common vision for learning. This vision included expectations for what all students, including those with disabilities, must know and be able to do to succeed.

Shifting the definition of success in classrooms like Yenne’s from solely academic proficiency to five competency domains requires major changes in how education is delivered. Therefore, CEI continued to work with partners in the state to devise the best mechanism to facilitate these competencies. Ultimately, CEI created a project to support Next Generation Learning systems.

Learn more about how design thinking is transforming Trailblazer Elementary School and the Colorado Education Initiative:

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