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Extended Learning Opportunities at Hinsdale High School

Tierney Iman, a graduate of Hinsdale High School, has a diagnosed intellectual disability.

Many schools might have suggested that Tierney couldn’t achieve the regular high school diploma and should settle for a lesser diploma or a certificate of attendance. That’s not what Tierney wanted—she wanted to attain a regular high school diploma. Tierney had trouble demonstrating mastery in some of the requirements in a traditional classroom environment.

The Vision: To provide all learners—whether advanced or struggling, with a disability or without—multiple and diverse learning opportunities that would engage and inspire them to succeed in college, career, and civic life.

The Strategy: Hinsdale High School has a strong extended learning opportunity (ELO) program that allows students to demonstrate competency in multiple ways—not just in a classroom, but also through internships, projects, and other means.

The district has developed a set of rubrics to guide educators and ensure that, regardless of how students choose to demonstrate a competency, their demonstration meets rigorous standards. This program is available to any student—those with disabilities and those without— and is customized for each student.


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