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Joey Hunziker

Director of Young Adult Initiatives

Joey Hunziker is the director of young adult initiatives at NCLD, where he builds programs that support people ages 18–26 with learning and attention issues as they transition from school to the workforce and higher education. Before joining NCLD, he worked at WestEd, a national research and technical assistance organization, and at the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO).

At CCSSO, he led the Innovation Lab Network (ILN), a group of state education agencies focused on catalyzing personalized, competency-based education through policy and practice. He focused ILN’s work on equity and access for students with disabilities, English language learners, students of color, and students living with trauma. Joey led technical assistance for a cohort of three states to help their education agencies plan, develop, and implement their ESSA plans. He developed expertise on topics of innovative assessment, social and emotional learning, school climate and culture, and educational equity.

Joey has experience as an educator and facilitator. He started his career as an actor, arts educator, and program manager in upstate New York, working with middle and high school and college students to build programs that created stronger connections between the community, the school system, and local nonprofits. In 2017 he took up pottery to learn a new skill and to continue his lifelong love of learning—and to make himself some planters for all of his plants. He now has too many of both.

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To Students with Learning Disabilities

Written by Michaela Hearst, NCLD Young Adult Leadership Council Member | 3 days ago

I encourage those with learning disabilities to ask themselves this: What would you say to your younger self? What sort of advice would you give yourself?

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