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Mike Kelly

Mike Kelly

Senior Analytics Manager

Mike Kelly is the senior analytics manager for the National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD). He’s responsible for gathering digital data from Understood’s web efforts and analyzing that data to find ways to better serve the community.

Prior to NCLD, Mike was the chief digital analyst for Billboard, Rolling Stone and Us Weekly, responsible for moving those pop culture pillars from the analog world to the digital world. He has also worked for the global marketing and technology agency DigitasLBi.

Mike holds a bachelor’s degree from Colgate University and has done graduate-level work at Boston University. In his free time he designs and runs scavenger hunts and gives public talks on video games and pop culture.

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Working Together For Education Funding #MakesSense

Written by Griffin Stein | 6 days ago

On Wednesday, July 18th, I joined the Committee for Education Funding (CEF) coalition on Capitol Hill to advocate for greater federal investment in education. Representing NCLD, I met with staffers and other coalition members, from as far away as Colorado and Texas, in support of the #5CentsMakesSense campaign, which calls for increased funding from a … Continue reading Working Together For Education Funding #MakesSense

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