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Sarah Branley Harel

Campaigns and Events Manager

Sarah Branley Harel is the campaigns and events manager for Understood.org. A versatile team member with more than a decade of experience in the field, she leads all digital campaigns and event opportunities from their inception through final execution.

Having worked in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors, Harel carries a wealth of experience. Prior to joining Understood, she created content for and managed an online community of young girls at Girls. Inc., led marketing efforts for multiple luxury properties in Manhattan, and produced events across the U.S. and abroad. At CIVIC, a strategic marketing agency in NYC, she was tasked with panelist selection and local outreach for events in seven major markets, which aired live on NBC as part of their Education Nation initiative. She also coordinated projects for the NFL, the Weinstein Company, Lifetime Television, HBO, and Apollo Education.

Harel studied at Paris-Sorbonne University and is a graduate of Pace University in lower Manhattan with a bachelor’s degree in sociology.

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Learning by Doing: Cultivating Agency in Students with Disabilities

Written by Maria Bucon-Scales and Ace Parsi | 3 days ago

One of the challenges students can face within our current education system is being presented with curriculum that they struggle to connect with. Many of our education reform efforts fail because students are disengaged and end up dropping out of a system that does not meet their needs or prepare them for the future. Brain … Continue reading Learning by Doing: Cultivating Agency in Students with Disabilities

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