Past Anne Ford Scholarship Winners

2011 – Jared Schmidt

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Jared Schmidt is eighteen years old and lives in Maine. He found out that he had dyslexia and dysgraphia when he was in the fifth grade. Jared always wondered when he would be able to read and write like the other kids. He kept thinking if He worked harder or kept trying that one day it would “just click.” That is what he had heard happened to most kids. The problem was that as he was getting older, and the work was getting harder, he was not getting better at reading or writing.

Although initially struggling in school, with the support of his mother, Jared thrived. His grades are very good. His favorite subjects are anatomy and physiology. He has not let these disabilities slow him down. He achieved his second degree black belt in tae kwon do in junior high. He played basketball for several years. He earned enough money to buy a used car and that helps his family.

He is committed to going college. He wants to major in counseling and youth ministry to help young people overcome some of the same fears that he had. He has seen that people without a good education are limited in what they can achieve.

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