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Congress decides how to allocate federal funding through the appropriations process. Every year, members of Congress must decide how much to spend or “appropriate” on certain programs. These decisions ultimately impact the services and supports students with disabilities receive.

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NCLD Applauds Congress for Increases in IDEA Funding for Fiscal Year 2023

[WASHINGTON, DC. December 22, 2022] — The National Center for Learning Disabilities is pleased that the Senate  has passed the Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 with increases in federal funding that supports the education of students with learning disabilities. The bill is expected to pass the House of Representatives tomorrow and then be signed into law.

After several extensions of FY 2022 funding, the Senate passed the FY 2023 omnibus containing all 12 spending bills. The funding bill provides a $3.2 billion increase for the U.S. Department of Education and a $850 million increase for the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Part B State Grants over FY 2022 levels. 

Key programs comparison:

  • IDEA Part B Grants to States: to support special education services for students ages 3-21
    • FY 2022: $13.34 billion
    • FY 2023: $14.19 billion
  • IDEA Part B Section 619: to support preschool grants programs
    • FY 2022: $410 million
    • FY 2023: $420 million
  • IDEA Part C: to support early intervention services for infants and toddlers
    • FY 2022: $496 million
    • FY 2023: $540 million
  • IDEA Part D National Activities: to support the following
    • State Personnel Development
      • FY 2022: $39 mill.
        FY 2023: $38.6 mill.
    • Technical Assistance and Development
      • FY 2022: $44 million
        FY 2023: $45.3 million
    • Personnel Preparation
      • FY 2022: $95 million
        FY 2023: $115 million
    • Parent Training and Information Centers
      • FY 2022: $30 million
        FY 2023: $33.2 million
    • Media and Technology
      • FY 2022: $30 million
        FY 2023: $31.4 million
  • Institute for Education Sciences
      • FY 2022: $737 million
        FY 2023: $807.6 million
    • National Center for Special Education Research
      • FY 2022: $60 million
        FY 2023: $64.3 millio

“We applaud Congress for reaching an agreement and providing these vital funding increases for the programs that support students with disabilities,” said Lindsay Kubatzky, NCLD’s Director of Policy and Advocacy. “These investments – in our schools, educators, and in research – are crucial to ensure all students, including students with disabilities, have access to a high-quality, inclusive education.”