April 23rd, 2015

2015 Allegra Ford Thomas Scholarship Winner

Cody is a graduating high school senior who will be attending a two-year program at Vincennes University in the fall of 2015, studying law enforcement and homeland security. Cody is passionate about community service, has played multiple varsity sports, and has served as a mentor to younger athletes in his town.
Hello, my name is Cody Trine and I am a senior at Boonville High School in Indiana. I have recently been accepted to Vincennes University and in a few weeks will begin working toward my career in law enforcement and homeland security.
My learning disability is not a physical disability. I am blessed enough to be healthy, can play sports, work and do daily skills without a problem. Yet, when I read or take tests, I can’t comprehend the questions and have trouble with testing. I can study all night and then not understand the question after reading it in my head. But, if someone reads it to me or I am verbalizing it to myself, I get it completely. Just like this essay, I know what I want to say so I am explaining it to my mother and she helps me find the correct wording. Then I will type it out and add details where I feel she didn’t capture what I wanted say in my own words well enough.
When I was diagnosed with a learning disability I decided that I wouldn’t let it detour me on what I wanted to do in life. Being a role model, working hard, setting goals and finishing are what I will do until I make my dreams come true. My IEP, school, peers, family and community have helped me in many ways and have given me chances to prove myself through work, sports and volunteering. With all this help I have learned that I want to give back to help other people.
My family is my rock and strength. They have helped me with all of my accomplishments and have pushed me to keep doing better. They have told me that there is nothing I can’t achieve with hard work and dedication. I feel that most students with learning disabilities don’t have the support they need at home, school or in their community and this can be very discouraging and detrimental to their futures. I want to change this and help people understand that a disability doesn’t have to put a negative brand on a person. The correct understanding, help, and education could change the way people with learning disabilities are viewed. For instance, how many scholarships are there available for us with LD? Not many, and I am certain it is because people feel that most of us won’t go to college or be able to make it in college. More opportunities need to be given to students with LD because we would be great assets to the world, given chances.

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