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I have climbed that mountain, left dust behind, and haven't looked back.

- Caitlyn Myers

Source: 2019 Anne Ford Scholarship Winner

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Debra Jennings

Debra Jennings

Professional Advisory Board

Debra Jennings

Professional Advisory Board

Debra is the executive co-director of the Statewide Parent Advocacy Network (SPAN) and has over 15 years experience working on school improvement initiatives.

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Young Leaders

Young adults with learning and attention issues play a critical role in shaping the future of policy and advocacy.

Young Leaders

Meet NCLD’s Young Adult Leadership Council members and learn about how you can join the movement!

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In Pursuit of a Dream

Written by Savannah Treviño-Casias, NCLD Young Adult Leadership Council Member | 1 day ago

My dream is to be a clinical mental health counselor! I built my whole college experience around a plan to go to graduate school right after I completed my bachelor’s degree in psychology. Achieving that dream has been filled with challenges and many ups and downs.

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