Embracing the Transformative Power of Assistive Technology

We are thrilled to share that Jacqueline Rodriguez, CEO of the National Center for Learning Disabilities, was recently featured in an insightful article by K12 Dive. The article, titled “Ed Dept seeks to dispel myths about assistive technology,” highlights the importance of promoting the transformative power of assistive technology (AT) in education.

In the article, Rodriguez emphasizes the importance of embracing AT to create a more inclusive and equitable educational system. She underscores the need to consider tools and services when developing individualized services for infants, toddlers, and schoolchildren. By providing vivid examples of how AT can break down barriers, Rodriguez advocates for a collective effort to dismantle obstacles and foster an inclusive learning environment.

The Education Department’s guidance, as highlighted in the article, reinforces the importance of local-level assessments for determining students’ needs for AT and services. It stresses the need for individualized family service plan teams and individualized education program teams to understand how to procure, implement, and evaluate technology effectively.

The blog also sheds light on districts’ responsibilities in ensuring that students, families, and educators are well-informed about how AT works. It stresses the significance of incorporating AT into Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) when needed, enabling teachers and service providers to comply with necessary supports.

In conclusion, Jacqueline Rodriguez’s leadership and advocacy for AT contribute significantly to the ongoing efforts to dispel myths and misconceptions surrounding assistive technology. Read the full article here