October Declared National Learning Disabilities Awareness Month

As we close out Learning Disabilities Awareness Month, we are proud to share exciting news with our community today! In a significant move, Representatives Julia Brownley and Erin Houchin have introduced a resolution in Congress that recognizes October as National Learning Disabilities Awareness Month. This resolution represents a crucial step toward increasing awareness and understanding of learning disabilities in the United States. A similar resolution was also introduced in the U.S. Senate by Senator John Hickenlooper and Senator Ted Budd.

Learning disabilities affect millions of people across the nation, from children in our schools to adults in our workplaces. Yet, there’s still a significant lack of awareness surrounding these conditions and their challenges. By designating October as National Learning Disabilities Awareness Month, we hope to change that with initiatives such as our Lead with LD campaign. 

In a joint statement, Representatives Brownley and Houchin expressed their dedication to improving the lives of those with learning disabilities. They noted, “We believe that raising awareness about learning disabilities is essential for creating a more inclusive society where individuals of all abilities have an equal opportunity to succeed. We’re proud to introduce this resolution to recognize the importance of understanding and supporting those with learning disabilities.”

NCLD wholeheartedly supports this initiative and commends these representatives for their commitment to our cause. By dedicating an entire month to learning disabilities awareness, we can shed light on the challenges faced by those with learning disabilities and emphasize the importance of early diagnosis, appropriate interventions, and effective support.

Discover more about specific learning disabilities, explore our Lead with LD campaign, and access additional resources to stay engaged.